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Posted 16 days ago

One of my favorite things about Slack is that the desktop client uses Electron, so you're constantly reminded how slow it is compared to a native client.

Posted 16 days ago

Shout out to the dude at the Edmonds post office directly ahead of me in line who took 20 minutes to ship a box containing something akin to live scorpions to Australia.

All I needed was postcard stamps.

Posted 28 days ago

Can't stop listening to Alan Parsons Project. Help meee.

(This inexplicably occurs every few years)


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Sometimes I'm out exploring. Countries I've visited include: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Spain, Belize, Mexico, Canada, and Honduras.

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I work as a full stack web developer at a European travel company. Currently specializing in the Ruby on Rails framework and data integration.

Software Engineer

I have a Bachelor of Arts from University of Washington in Seattle, and majored in Law, Societies, and Justice with minors in Political Science and Human Rights.

University of Washington

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Cat Wrangler

I tend to the needs of a cat named Minerva. Her primary skills are cuddling and hissing at everyone not named "Nikky."


I've lived in Seattle for the past 12 years. It's a pretty cool place.

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