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Fifth-dimensional being currently consuming vast quantities of commas. Lives in alt-reality Seattle. Spews out code.

Newest OS X shit: plugging in my USB DAC causes the audio balance in the OS to shift 75% left. Posted 2 days ago
Today I'll be tweeting some non-consequential opinions. Posted 2 days ago


I've kept up a blog of some form for 12 years now, and is a great way to dive deep into some of the things I'm interested in writing about. Which turns out is mostly old photographs, travel, and video games.

Marsh Island Muck and Birds Posted 6 months ago
East Coast Spring 2016 Posted 6 months ago
Pondering on Travel Photos Posted 6 months ago
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I attempt to make sense of the world through the eye of a camera.

Current photos can always be found on my flickr, along with digitized slides from family archives.

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Travel is me choosen past time, and I'm almost certainly going to be on a trip the next time I'm on vacation. Some of my favorite places include Croatia, Iceland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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I work as a full stack web developer at a European travel company. Currently specializing in the Ruby on Rails framework, I'm most often found integrating various business applications with each other. But you probably don't care about that, do you?

Software Engineer

While attending the University of Washington in Seattle, I majored in Law, Societies, and Justice, a socio-legal discipline that instilled a strong sense of social justice and empathy into my ethos. Complementing the degree are minors in Political Science and Human Rights.

University of Washington

minerva the cat

Cat Wrangler

I'm the co-owner of a small bundle of fur that occasionally bites us. We've named this fur Minerva. Her name is partially due to Minerva the goddess of strategy, partially due to the character from Harry Potter.


I've lived in Seattle for the past 10 years, and love being in the city that we often visited as a child. College gave me a love of public transit, and I strongly believe that cities can best meet the challenges of the 21st century through strong investments in walkability and transit.

Pumping through my headphones are probably Boards of Canada are the best music group of the past hundred years. Other favorites include El Huervo, Harvey Danger, The Long Winters, Talk Talk, Massive Attack, The Notorious B.I.G. Check out my page for a much more detailed listing of my musical tastes.

Computer games are great, and strategy games are the best Starcraft, Warcraft III, Supreme Commander are some of my favorites. Filling out the rest are Mario Kart 64, Hotline Miami, and Dota2.

I'm most often found reading non-fiction books. Favorite genres include WWII, general history, and space. Fiction genres include Sci-Fi and Graphic Novels. Favorites include Dune, The Culture Series, and Jurassic Park.

Apollo 13 is the best movie ever created by humanity. Star Wars: A New Hope also ranks quite highly.

Star Trek, especially Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation, is my favorite television series. Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes in as a close second.


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